Why ‘Preludium’?

Owner, Amanda Ottoni always found that there was nothing more pleasing to play than a Bach Prelude and Fugue. The Preludes, in particular were always her favourite pieces. Equal parts comforting and exhilarating, due to the theoretically driven and dense nature of the pieces, Amanda could work at these for hours without wanting to move from her piano bench. Preludium represents a foreshadowing to something wonderful, just as a journey in music does. Music can bring a challenging but exciting start and grows into something incredible. Preludium’s goal is to introduce music to all walks of life, in order to allow them to experience the beautiful journey of music.

About the Owner

Owner Amanda Ottoni

Amanda Ottoni’s musical journey began at the age of five, through music lessons in the home on the piano. She received First Class Honours certifications in piano exams, and especially enjoyed Baroque works as a child. At the age of twelve, she joined her school’s singing class, in hopes of accompanying them on the piano. Instead, she began singing herself, also joining the choir and participating in musicals. After travelling to England onstage in a production of Aladdin, Amanda had the opportunity to play Annie. In these two musicals she realized the amazing community and excitement that musical theatre could provide. Choir and musical theatre quickly became staples to supplement Amanda’s classical piano background.

When it came time for university, Amanda auditioned for Western University’s music program. During her time at Western, she longed to find deeper meaning in the power of music, and volunteered abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand, practicing music as a therapeutic method to communities in need. After graduating, she worked as a music teacher full time, and knew that it would soon be time to start a business of her own. Mohawk College’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship program brought wonderful opportunities, including the Pitch it to Win it competition, where Amanda placed first with her music school concept. With the hopes of receiving even more support, she applied for the City of Hamilton’s Starter Company Plus program and received exceptional mentorship and a generous grant to get her started in her business. Ready to provide exceptional music education to the Greater Hamilton area, Amanda cannot wait to see what is in store for Preludium.

  • Bachelor of Musical Arts (University of Western Ontario)
  • Royal Conservatory Teacher Certified
  • Royal Conservatory First Class Honours Certificate Recipient
  • Mohawk College Pitch it to Win it, 1st Place
  • Mohawk College Small Business & Entrepreneurship Certificate
  • Starter Company Plus Grant Recipient
  • Competitive Choir Background
  • Musical Theatre Lead Role Experience